Roofing Repairs Dublin

Knowing when your roof might need repairing is not always simple. Sometimes you wont have a leak or other physical signs that the roof is in disarray. Here are some tips on when to get a roofing contractor to assess your roof in Dublin.

The age of your roof

Older roofs generally above 25 years and more can suffer from degraded structures and damp over the years. If your roof is above 25 years old, we recommend getting a free assessment especially if you have noticed any of our neighbours having issues in the last few years.

Roof tiles are missing

If you are missing roof tiles, it is important that you get them replaced as soon as possible. They are vital in making sure that the interior structure on your roof does not become exposed to direct water or damp. They help to direct running water off the roof safely into the guttering systems.

Tiles are cracked

Cracked tiles although not as serious as a missing one can lead to penetration of your roof. This in turn causes leaks and dampness to start hitting your interior structure. Replace as soon as possible.

The roof is covered in algae or moss

Make sure that your roof is kept in clean condition. Do not let algae build up on it. This can cause water to stagnate and stagnate water will penetrate your roof.

Sunlight in the attic

If you can see sunlight in your attic, you have a hole in your roof. Get repaired as soon as possible. A roofing contractor can safely assess and locate any gaps in your roofing system.

Roof is sagging

If your roof is starting to sag, it means the interior structure is collapsing. The one that holds your roof in place is starting to break. We recommend immediately vacating the house and getting a professional contractor out immediately to assess the roof. It could collapse at any time.

There are some tips to help you assess your roof. If you do require a professional contractor, we recommend contacting City Wide Roofers in Dublin. Professional and low cost roofing repairs in Dublin.

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